Home Ownership


Elizabeth, 26, was accepted into Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville’s home ownership program in the fall of 2016. Elizabeth learned of Habitat’s program through her friend, Whitney, who is a fellow Habitat home owner and will be her future next door neighbor. Elizabeth has lived in several states throughout her life. She was born in South Carolina and has also lived in Colorado and Arizona before settling in Louisville, Kentucky. Elizabeth has one 6 year old daughter, Ryleigh. She currently works at the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office as a Child Support Enforcement Case Worker. An interesting fact about Elizabeth is that she has learned some ASL.

Elizabeth is proud of the many accomplishments in her life, which include: raising such a sweet daughter, finding a career that she loves and her will to never give up when things get tough in life. When not working, Elizabeth and Ryleigh enjoy taking walks, baking and reading together. Elizabeth would love to pick up gardening as a hobby and one day, she dreams of traveling to England!

Elizabeth shared the following on why she was motivated to apply to Habitat’s home ownership program: “I want my daughter to be able to have a childhood home. I never had a stable home to thrive in. So, I know this will help her have the best shot at succeeding.” When Elizabeth received her acceptance letter, she said, “I was so excited that I cried. I never thought I would be in the position to own my own home. So, hearing the news was one of the best things that have happened to me.” While in Habitat’s program, Elizabeth hopes to learn more about money management, basic skills to care for one’s home and how to use power tools!

To the sponsors and volunteers who will help build Elizabeth’s home, Elizabeth said, “From the bottom of our hearts, Ryleigh and I thank you. She is so excited, not only to have her own room, but to live next door to her “favorite cousin.” The first thing that Elizabeth and Ryleigh want to do when they move in is “have a thank you party for everyone who has been a part of this experience!” Looking towards the future, Elizabeth hopes to be back in school, have bought a car and have a trip plan to England!



Tamra, 35, began with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville in the fall of 2016. She is a single mother to 3 teenagers: Anthony, 19, Asia, 15 and Davon, 13. She currently works at Evans Construction Company in the Maintenance Department and what she loves most about her job is working alongside her co-workers. Tamra has had a long time partnership with Habitat with both her mother and sister currently owning Habitat homes.

Tamra is proud of the many accomplishments in her life, which include: becoming a home buyer in Habitat’s program, finishing school and pushing her kids to graduate from their respective schools. In their spare time, Tamra and her children enjoy singing, dancing and watching sports! One day, she’d love to learn how to sew and Tamra has dreams of visiting Jamaica!

Tamra was motivated to apply to Habitat’s home ownership program because she was tired of renting and she knew it would be great for her and her kids. She applied twice to the program before receiving her acceptance letter. Tamra said she remained motivated throughout the entire application process because “it’s a great program and it has been a part of me.” When she received her acceptance letter, Tamra shared the following: “I was in shock! I am just so grateful and happy.”

To the sponsors and volunteers who will help build Tamra and her children’s home, Tamra would like to say, “Thank you! God bless you all. This would not be possible without your help.” The first thing Tamra would like to do when she moves into her new home is decorate!

In 5 years, Tamra hopes to be working hard in all aspects of her life and wants to continue to be a good mother and leader for her children.



Tawana, 44, began with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville in August of 2016. She was born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Louisville in 2008. Tawana has two daughters, Kiara and Kira, both 14 years old. She currently works at Family Health Centers- Phoenix as an Administrative Clerk.

Tawana is proud of the many accomplishments in her life, which include: her children, moving to Louisville and being hired by DSNY (New York City Department of Sanitation). When not working, Tawana and her two daughters like to watch movies, shop and dance. One day, Tawana would like to learn how to play the piano and travel to Alaska!

Tawana learned about Habitat’s homeownership program through a co-worker. Tawana’s co-worker kept telling her better off her family would be if they had their own home. After Tawana read more about what is involved with Habitat’s program, she knew it would be a great fit for her family. When Tawana received her acceptance letter in the mail, she said, “I was overwhelmed! I have never qualified for a program like this before. I wanted to scream but it was caught in my throat because of all of the emotions that I was feeling.” While in Habitat’s program, Tawana hopes to learn more about how to maintain her home without having to call someone for help, how to budget her money and plumbing!

To the sponsors and volunteers who will help build her home, Tawana shared the following: “Without you, my children and I would not be here. Thank you for being the kind, caring, generous people that you are and continue to be. To know that there are people like you helping strangers, it reassures me that there are still good people. Thanks again with all of my heart.”

The first thing Tawana wants to do when she moves into her new house is “pray and thank God and have Him bless the house from that day forward. I also want to hang a picture of me receiving the keys!” In 5 years, Tawana hopes to keep her children safe and send them off to college, be married and learn sign language.

Tawana's home is being sponsored by Louisville area banking institutions.