4 Questions With… The Layout Crew

Meet Bob Cherry, Dave McCandless and Jim Naehr –

Habitat’s Layout Crew!

Habitat would also like to recognize Doug Knoblock and John Caswell from The Layout Crew for their longtime service – due to health issues and age, Doug and John have both officially retired from their volunteer work.

The Layout Crew works almost every Friday, morning until about lunchtime. Their Crew has two important roles at the beginning of each new-build home: prepare the site for the layout of the dig and the layout for the concrete block.

  • 1st Step: The Crew will head out to the site and measure the sidelines; stringing the outlines of the property by measuring the width and length of the property line. Once complete, the site is ready for the dig and f0r the footers to be poured by contractors.
  • 2nd Step: The Crew will come back the following week after the dig and prepare the site for the concrete block install. On this day, they’ll put the pins in the concrete footer and map out the dimensions of the home. Once complete, the site is ready for the concrete blocks to be laid by contractors.

1) How long have each of you been volunteering with Habitat?

Dave: Jim was actually born here!

Jim: I started back in ’91 or ’92 and I would help build the entire home. In 2000, I ended up moving over to volunteering on the Layout Crew and I’ve been here ever since.

Dave: I started my volunteer work with Habitat in 2001 when my church became involved in a build. Once I became a regular volunteer, I started out with the Framing Crew. I’ve since transitioned over to the Layout Crew and I’ve been with this crew for about 5 – 6 years now.

Bob: I’m fairly new! I became a regular volunteer with Habitat in 2017 and immediately joined the Layout Crew.

2) What did you do prior to volunteering with Habitat?

Jim: I worked for the IRS. Soon after I retired, my wife said for me to get out of the house and find something to do… so that’s what I did!

Dave: Prior to my volunteer work with Habitat, I was a Mechanical Engineer for a company that sold electronic components.

Bob: I am a retired Army Officer. When I completed my military career, I began in the construction business, and helped open and operate two plants, one being a Toyota plant.

3) What keeps you coming back?

Dave: The money! (Dave jokingly says with a huge smile on his face)

Jim: In all seriousness, the comradeship. If we’re not working on a particular Friday, our team will still go out somewhere for lunch. It’s a pleasure to work with these guys each week and at the same time, be giving back to the community.

4) What would you say to someone who is interested in joining the Layout Crew?

Bob: I always say if you love math, this is the crew for you! Volunteering at Habitat allows you to serve your community in a meaningful way. The friendships you create here are life-long.

Dave: The ideal group size for our crew is 4 regular volunteers, so we’re currently searching for that last volunteer to complete our group. One of the great things about volunteering on the Layout Crew is there’s not much heavy lifting. It’s light work, but important work to help begin each home.

Thank you to the Layout Crew, for your dedicated service through the years! We greatly appreciate the time and talent you have donated to Habitat and our mission. You help make our work possible.

Are you interested in joining the Friday Layout Crew? Please contact Trish Tobbe, Habitat’s Volunteer Programs Manager, at ttobbe@louisvillehabitat.org or 502.805.2269.

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