3/17/20: Habitat Update Regarding COVID-19

Important Update: Habitat Louisville’s Elevated Response to COVID-19  

Dear Habitat Supporter,

Our team has been closely monitoring the escalations surrounding Coronavirus / COVID-19, and we believe now is the time to make the difficult decision to pause operation even further to protect the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, donors and customers, Habitat families, and the community.

With this in mind, beginning Wednesday, March 18, we will close our two Habitat ReStore locations and our Bank Street office to the public until April 6. Habitat’s Construction Center and job sites will continue to remain closed until April 6. This public health challenge is complex and evolving rapidly. We will continue to evaluate our target reopen date as more information becomes available. 

Below are the detailed actions we are taking effective Wednesday, March 18:

Habitat ReStore Locations (Hikes Point and Rowan Street)

  • Here’s what we’re doing.
    • All ReStore locations will close to the public starting Wednesday, March 18 and remain closed until April 6.
    • Until April 6, we are pausing donation drop-offs and are working to reschedule donation pickups that are currently scheduled. Please know, we rely on your donated items, so please keep reading to see how you can help. 
    • We are working with our staff during this time and have expanded our paid time off policies to accommodate the change in business operations through April 6. Staff will utilize this time to focus on improvements to your ReStore experience. 
  • Here’s how you can help us.
    • ReStore is a key part of how we build homes with local families and this downtime will certainly impact that effort. We will urgently need your donated items when we return. If you’re planning a donation drop-off, please hold on to your items and drop them off when we open again.
    • If you have any questions regarding the Habitat ReStore locations, donation drop-offs or a scheduled pick up, please contact us by calling 502-805-1416 or email Angela Brooks at abrooks@louisvillehabitat.org.

Habitat Bank Street Offices

  • Here’s what we’re doing.
    • Our offices are now closed and will remain closed through April 6. 
    • Our staff is working remotely, so we will be replying to phone calls, voicemails, and emails during this time. Any scheduled meetings are being evaluated and will be held remotely. 
    • We continue to support our homebuyers with weekly calls and are assisting homeowners with their questions and concerns, as needed. Our construction staff continues to keep critical projects moving so we can stay on pace to complete 22 homes in 2020. 
  • Here’s how you can help us.
    • We urgently need your financial support. As businesses throughout our community are impacted by closures, so are many Habitat homeowners who make their family’s living in the service industry. These families will certainly be concerned about continuing to make their mortgage payments. We are committed to working with each family during this uncertain time, but we need your financial support to sustain us in that. Please consider any financial support possible and click here to give a gift online. Or click here for other ways to give.
      When you give, you’ll help us serve more families in need of decent, affordable housing.
    • If you have any questions regarding donations or sponsorships, please contact Susan Overton at 502-805-1409 or email soverton@louisvillehabitat.org

Habitat Homebuyers and Homeowners

  • Here’s what we’re doing.
    • We are cancelling upcoming Habitat homebuyer education classes and will communicate those cancellations directly with affected families and advocates.
    • You may continue to mail your mortgage payments to the 1620 Bank Street address. 
  • Here’s how you can help us (help you).
    • If you have any questions regarding your mortgage payment, please contact Jackie Isaacs at 502-805-1424 or email jisaacs@louisvillehabitat.org.
    • If you have any questions regarding the homebuyer education classes, your application or warranty repairs, please contact Trevor Loomis at 502-805-1403 or email tloomis@louisvillehabitat.org.
    • Stay in touch with our Homebuyer Services team if you have questions or concerns during this time. Call 502-805-1403 and they will be available to assist you. 

Habitat Volunteers

  • Here’s what we’re doing.
    • The Habitat Construction Center and job sites will remain closed until the week of April 6.
    • All ReStore volunteer assignments are cancelled through April 6. 
    • All Raise the Roof events and community volunteer days will be rescheduled for a later date and will be communicated to sponsors, volunteers and the homebuyers. 
  • Here’s how you can help us.
    • Take steps to stay healthy—we have a busy build season ahead of us and we’ll need your help to build homes!
    • If you have any questions regarding the volunteer schedule or work days, please contact Trish Tobbe at 502-805-2269 or email ttobbe@louisvillehabitat.org
    • If you have any questions regarding construction projects or job sites, please contact Leslie Woods at 502-805-1420 or email lwoods@louisvillehabitat.org.

This public health challenge is complex and evolving rapidly. Please remember the CDC guidelines and best practices during this time. We will be sure to keep you updated as we continue to monitor the situation. 

And remember, we still have a busy Habitat build season ahead of us! So say a prayer for Habitat and each other. Stay safe, healthy and thank you for your continued support of Habitat Louisville’s mission. The power of home starts with YOU.

Yours in partnership,

Rob Locke | CEO, Habitat Louisville

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