Build Today. Brighter Tomorrow.

We’re committed to seeing our Louisville neighbors thrive.

With your donation today, we will build for a brighter tomorrow. 

Social distance by staying at home.

It’s a phrase we’ve heard time and time again during this pandemic. And in unprecedented times like this, Habitat’s mission – to build homes and hope for families in need of safe, stable and affordable housing – is critical. 

Too many of our Louisville families are sheltering in overcrowded and substandard housing. More than 38,000 of our city’s children are growing up in declining conditions. We must keep building for the most vulnerable to provide the opportunity for transformational change. 

So we are building today, with determination and passion for a brighter tomorrow. Our team is working diligently to finish 10 homes and start an additional 9 this fall.

But, we need your support.

The pandemic has impacted our work with volunteers. Volunteers are critical to our mission and one of the main ways we keep our homes affordable. However, for the safety and well-being of our volunteers during this time, we have considerably limited our volunteer opportunities. With this necessary but difficult decision, we are experiencing work delays and increased costs with subcontractors. We are spending on average $20,000 more per home to ensure our families have the opportunity for a safe, healthy home.

Any support you can provide is crucial. Help us bring safety and stability to 19 families. Help us bring a brighter future to 61 children. Help us bring hope home.

Your gift will help us build today for a brighter tomorrow.

Help Strengthen The Most Vulnerable

Asha and her children’s home is one of the ten homes we have under construction.

“The impact of this home for my kids is immeasurable. They’ll get their own backyard and a home that they’ll be able to call theirs forever. They won’t have to move anymore from apartment to apartment. My kids will finally get to be just kids.”

The construction on Charmayne and her son’s home began in April of this year.
“My son always said to me, ‘We need a home, Mom’ and look where we are now… our very own home is currently under construction. I want my son to be proud of me and it feels amazing knowing that I am able to provide him with this brighter future.”

Furniture Donations = More Homes

Donating household items to the Habitat ReStore is an easy way to support Habitat Louisville’s mission. By donating your gently used furniture, appliances, building materials and more to the Habitat ReStore, you’re making a difference. Proceeds from the sales at our two ReStore locations are reinvested into our mission of making affordable homeownership a reality for local families.
For a list of acceptable donations, view our donation guidelines.
Donating your items to the ReStore is easy – drop-off your items at either ReStore location – Hikes Point or Portland Neighborhood – or schedule a free donation pick-up for larger items.
Plus! You can now schedule your free donation pick-up 2 ways:
  1. You can schedule your pick-up online
  2. Or, you can call our Donation Line at 502.805.1416

Let's Build Hope Together.

“To me, home means a place of security, stabilization, a roof over your head and most importantly, a place where a kid can be a kid,” says LaTisha. “Our home will be warm, loving, nurturing, and a comfort zone. I want something that we can call our own and it gives me peace of mind knowing I’ll be able to leave something for my girls. By owning my own home, I will be setting an example for my daughters that anything is possible.”
LaTisha’s home is one of the eight homes we will begin this fall. Like many others, LaTisha is anxious and ready for her build to begin so that she can be one step closer to moving her girls into their new, stable home.

Moments like this are made possible because of supporters like you. Your gift today will bring needed relief to our construction sites delayed by COVID-19 and will help keep our mission moving forward. Thank you for helping us build today for a brighter tomorrow.

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