Help Make An Impact This Holiday Season

The road to becoming a homeowner for Nicole has taken hard-work, faith and perseverance. She was a mom at the young age of 15. “Right out of high school, I started working and I’ve been going ever since,” says Nicole. “Working two jobs, around the clock, so that we’d have food on the table and a roof over our heads.” 
That drive and determination to provide a better life for her family was instilled in Nicole by her own mother, who was a single mother herself and raised Nicole and her two sisters. In 2018, Nicole was awarded custody of her two grandkids, Romelle, 11, and JaZara, 9. Nicole shares, “I wanted to provide them with a better living environment… give them more support and a stable home.” And on that joyous day, Nicole vowed to herself that she’d do everything in her power to give her two grandkids the opportunity to succeed and achieve their dreams.
And, her first step was providing them with a home. 
After working on her finances and earning a job promotion, Nicole’s application to Habitat’s homeownership program had been approved. The family’s home broke ground this October in the Park Springs neighborhood and by next spring, both grandkids will have their own room, a backyard to play in and a stable home to grow up in. “I feel such a sense of relief already. This home will be a new beginning to a better, more positive life.” 
Nicole, Romelle and JaZara are beginning to experience their brighter future. “I hope Romelle and JaZara learn that it takes time and hard work to achieve what you want in life. But, it’s possible. If you have faith and remain dedicated, your dreams can come true.”
In this season of giving, your donation today means more families like Nicole’s 
can change their lives through the power of home. 

Your Support Is Powerful

As a result of COVID-19, we are spending $10,000 more, on average, per house. Volunteerism is down by 50% so we are utilizing more sub-contractors and material costs have increased. 
We are not passing these costs onto the families we serve nor are we planning to do so for 2021. 

You can change everything.

“Home to me means a safe place where I can live and come to from school,” says Romelle, age 11. “I’m most looking forward to having my own room and helping Nana make dinner
in our new kitchen.”
At age 9, JaZara is also looking forward to her own room and she’s already picked out how it’ll be decorated – pink and sparkly.
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