A Stable Home for Anita’s Family

“I am so proud and blessed…”
At Habitat, we know how maintaining dreams is just as important as building dreams for our community’s most vulnerable homeowners. We understand how the love, spirit and pride that comes from homeownership provides community benefits far exceeding what can be identified from a street corner. And, Habitat’s Community Development and Home Repair program plays a critical role in helping homeowners, in many of our city’s underserved neighborhoods, overcome serious health and financial challenges to remain in their homes.
One of these homeowners who Habitat is partnering with this year is Ms. Anita, a life-long Portland resident. Anita has lived in the same home for most of her life; her family moved into the home when she was a little girl and when her mother passed away several years later, the home was left to Anita. 
Persevering through hard times is not uncommon to Anita. She’s worked two jobs her entire life, dedicating her time to raising her children and now her grandchildren. Throughout the years, her home has undergone the normal wear and tear but without having the financial means to make the necessary repairs, her home has deteriorated. 
Habitat, and through a partnership with Hand in Hand Ministries, immediately got to work. Her roof was damaged, her windows, gutters and siding had holes in them and were falling apart, and her front entry way was unstable. Habitat has provided most of the materials for the repair projects while Hand in Hand has provided the labor.
Through months of hard work, we’re excited to share that Anita’s home has a new roof, new windows, siding, gutters, a fence, and a new front porch. Volunteer crews are now beginning to enter inside the home to install new drywall.
Anita says it best, “Thank you for not giving up on me. I’ve never felt so much love in my heart and I am so blessed to have all these angels in my life. My kids and grandkids will now have their forever home in Portland, just like my momma would have wanted. And, I’m thrilled to say I finally have the dollhouse I always wanted but never got as a little girl.”

Learn more about Habitat’s Community Development and Home Repair Program.

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