Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville is in search of a full-time Director of Construction. This position will report directly to the Executive Director.

Summary of Purpose: Manages all aspects of the Construction department to achieve the goals as set forth by the Executive Director and the Board of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville.

The Director of Construction achieves these goals by:

  • Directing activities of workers to implement construction projects either by performing the specific duties personally or through subordinate supervisors.
  • Providing direction for construction staff, house leader volunteers and weekday crew leaders.
  • Managing all facets of construction and site selection including budgets.
  • Corresponding with leaders of all volunteer workgroups and preparing them for Habitat service.
  • Participating within the local community to expand Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville’s mission of affordable housing.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned as needed

  1. Project Management /Critical Path
    • Provides an overall plan for the construction department on a weekly basis and communicates this plan to the construction staff, family services and others within the organization.
    • Provides Construction Supervisors with information needed to procure materials and tools in a timely and accurate fashion.
    • Consults with the design professionals as needed on sketches of site plans, construction drawings, design worksheets, and future developments
    • Decides critical path of work via monthly house statement.
    • Prepares or reviews reports on progress, materials used and costs, and adjusts work schedules as indicated by reports.
    • Monitors the construction / rehabbing of houses
      1. Evaluates specifications to plan procedures, starting and completion times, and staffing requirements for each phase of construction.
      2. Assembles members of organization (House Leader, House Sponsor and partner family) at start of project.
      3. Orders procurement of tools, equipment, and materials to be delivered at specified times to conform to work schedules.
      4. Directs supervisory personnel and subcontractors engaged in planning and executing work procedures, interpreting specifications, and coordinating various phases of construction to prevent delays.
      5. Manages supervisory and engineering personnel, inspectors, and suppliers to resolve construction problems and improve construction methods.
      6. Inspects work in progress to ensure that workmanship conforms to specifications and the adherence to construction schedules.
      7. Insures that subcontractors’ work is timely and complete.
      8. Insures that houses are inspected and built to code.
      9. Provides timely dates for dedications and move-ins.
    • Conducts construction activities within federal, state, and local environmental rules and regulations.
    • Plans short-term and long-term goals for construction
  2. Supervisory Responsibilities / Management of Staff & Volunteers
    • Identifies and empowers volunteer construction supervisors
    • Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of housing units.
    • Manages four subordinate supervisors who supervise a total of 20-25 volunteer leaders who are part of the Construction Committee.
    • Directly supervises 3-10 non-supervisory employees.
    • Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws
    • Interviews, hires and trains employees
    • Plans, assigns, and delegates work; follows up with both staff and volunteers.
    • Appraises staff performance both verbally and in writing.
    • Oversees supervisory personnel and labor representatives to resolve complaints and grievances within work force.
  3. Fiscal Management
    • Monitors House costing data and investigates discrepancies.
    • Provides budget data for Finance committee.
    • Negotiates vendor and subcontractor prices.
    • Insures that Habitat vehicles are maintained regularly, inspected and insured annually.
    • Must be familiar with real estate finance and city, state and federal funding streams for affordable homeownership.
  4. Communication
    • Works with the Family Services Director to insure that Partner Families are productively involved with the construction process.
    • Uses pre-construction meetings to help House Sponsors have a meaningful construction experience.
    • Maintains accurate house statement and house code spreadsheets, updates construction website.
    • Provides general IT support for construction staff.
    • Is a member of the Construction Committee.
    • Participates on the Site Selection Committee, provides direction for land development.
    • Works with Construction Supervisors on Habitat’s safety program: OSHA, supervisor, and volunteer training, tools, job site environment, blood borne pathogens, insurance inspections, etc.
    • Attends board meetings and yearly retreat
    • Attends public meetings to advocate Habitat’s position, negotiates design changes with government and neighborhood leaders, guides architectural designs to meet site and neighborhood restrictions, secures engineering and legal work as needed.
    • Reads and review journals, catalogues, and other publications relevant to current building methods and materials.
    • Attends special events and conferences as appropriate.
  5. Community Outreach / Special Projects
    • Acts as public spokesperson interfacing with concerned public, regulatory officials and neighborhood associations.
    • Manages projects / plans as developed by neighborhood associations and the city of Louisville to further Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville’s mission of community outreach

To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter expressing your interest for this position. Please submit the information to Mellisa Hammer, either by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via fax, 502.805.0776. Please submit your information by the end of the day, Thursday, June 26,2014.