Thank you for your interest in Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville’s homeownership program. The deadline for submitting applications has passed. Our next open enrollment period is expected to open in February 2019. To receive notification of the next application window, please complete the Expression of Interest Form located on the previous page. 

Is there a fee to apply to be a Habitat homebuyer?
Yes. Due to costs associated with processing applications there is a $20.00 mandatory pre-application fee to help offset those costs. The $20.00 fee is due at the time you submit your pre-application. The fee is per pre-application submitted, not per applicant. Example: If a husband and wife complete one pre-application jointly the total fee would be $20.00.

What happens after I fill out the Pre-Application?
1. We examine your income and credit. You will either be sent a "Full Application" packet or a denial letter.

2. You complete and submit your "Full Application" for underwriting. If pre-approved, we will schedule am information session to explain the homebuyer process in depth.

3. Habitat's Family Selection Committee will examine your application and conduct a Home Visit to get to know you better.

4. Habitat's Family Selection Committee will make a final vote for approval or denial.

Are Habitat homes free?
No. After completing the Habitat homebuyer program, you will be given a 0% interest mortgage loan which will be paid back over 20 to 25 years.

How much are the monthly mortgage loan payments?
Payments vary depending on where you choose to build and buy. Payments range from $400 to $800 a month.

Where does Habitat build homes?
Habitat is currently building in planned developments located in Shively, Smoketown and far eastern Jefferson County. Additional lots available in Portland, Shawnee, California, Russell, Park Duvall, Park Hill and Shelby Park.

Do I have to be married or have children to be a Habitat homebuyer?
No. Individuals or families can achieve homeownership through Habitat.

Do I have to be renting my home now or have rented in the past to qualify?
No. You can become a Habitat homebuyer without having any rental history.

What is sweat equity?
Sweat equity is your volunteered time partnering with Habitat. Hours can be earned on the job site, in our ReStores or in the classroom. It is required of ALL homebuyers who purchase a Habitat home to earn 400 hours minimum, at a minimum of 20 hours per month. The 400 sweat equity hours must be earned prior to completing the homebuyer program.

What if I cannot complete the sweat equity on my own?
Your family and friends are welcome to volunteer their time on your behalf to help you earn 400 sweat equity hours.

How long does it take before I can move into my home?
Once approved, most homebuyers move into their homes within one year.



For more information, call Ziberia Puryear, Program Manager: Homebuyer Services, at 502.805.1401 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.