Home Ownership

Ericka's Story

"I always dreamed of becoming a homeowner and giving my boys a home... something which I never had growing up."

Ericka's journey to homeownership exemplifies the true essence of persistence. Prior to receiving her acceptance letter into Habitat's homeownership program this past fall, Ericka had received five denial letters to Habitat's program.

“Each time I received a denial letter, I worked twice as hard to continue to pay off my bills. I knew that Habitat was the right program for me.” 

Ericka did just that. She switched jobs, which gave her a higher income. Through saving her money, paying off expenses and showing steady employment for at least 12 months, Ericka re-applied a sixth time.

Ericka's persistence paid off in the fall of 2018 when she found out that her sixth application had been approved. "All the sweat and tears that I went through to get to this point was all worth it," says Ericka. "To know my kids will now be comfortable playing outside in their own backyard and living in a healthy environment… it’s what I have always dreamed of."

In partnership with several Louisville Methodist Churches, Ericka "Raised the Roof" on her family's new home earlier this month. "Hammering in that first nail was such a proud moment for me," says Ericka.

Over the next 12- 14 weeks, Ericka will complete the 400 hours of required sweat equity alongside the Churches volunteers by building her family's home.

The family will move into their new home this summer. "I can’t wait to receive the keys to our new house and tell my boys that we did it!”