Housing Programs

Stable Home. Brighter Future.

A Home Changes Everything

Home is a powerful tool. It’s a place where we go to feel safe. A place to build memories and our wildest dreams. It’s where our children can learn, play and grow.

At Habitat Louisville, we work with families and individuals who need that hand up to start changing their lives. Our homeownership program and home repair program works in partnership with families and individuals to either build or repair a place that they call home; making a lasting impact in their lives, their children’s lives and in our community.

An affordable, stable home can seem unobtainable, but through partnering with Habitat, your dreams can become a reality!

My home is a place to build memories. A place where I can truly be myself. Whether my home is big, small, fancy or modest, it’s my shelter and my sanctuary… it’s be my stable foundation.”

A Sincere Thank You To Our Sponsors

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