The Power of Home

Stable Home. Brighter Future.

1 in 5 children are currently living
in poverty in Metro Louisville.

That equates to over 38,000 children – enough to fill nearly two KFC Yum! Centers. Many of these children will switch schools 3 or 4 times throughout a school year due to housing instability. Their parents must make the difficult decision each month between paying rent or buying groceries. Too many Louisville families are struggling to keep an affordable roof over their heads.

Affordable homeownership impacts outcomes on education, income, health and community involvement.
A safe, stable home means hope.

Affordable homeownership is life changing.


A safe, stable home allows children to be involved in extracurriculars and more focused on their school work.

Children are 116% more likely to graduate from college when they have grown up in a stable home.


Affordable homeownership provides the opportunity for families to build asset security and generational wealth.

2020 fair market rent for a 3-bedroom Louisville apartment, on average, is $1,075/month. A Habitat homeowner will spend between $600 – $700/month to BUY and OWN their home.


A healthy home reduces health problems associated with poor-quality housing such as asthma and allergies.

The additional income frees up family resources for nutritious food and health care expenditures.

Community Involvement

Homeownership yields healthier, better-educated citizens who are much more likely to get involved in helping their communities grow and thrive.

Habitat homeowners have paid over $3.7 million in property taxes.

How can we build a city where everyone has a decent place to call home?

Since 1985, Habitat Louisville has been bringing the community together to build or rehab homes for families in need. Our homeownership program is truly a hand up, not a hand out, and plays a critical role in bringing our neighbors, our neighborhoods, and our community, together to build a stronger Louisville. Through partnering with Habitat, homebuyers complete an intensive homebuyer education program and work alongside community volunteers to build their own home.

Yes, we build houses, but more importantly, we provide opportunities and the encouragement to make real change. Remember, change happens one person at a time, one home at a time, one neighborhood at a time, and being part of that change is what Habitat is all about.

Homeownership is changing the lives of Tyree, April, Yabby and Ellen.

I can focus more in school and I am earning better grades because I haven’t had to switch schools in the middle of the year. I’ve also been able to join my school’s basketball team.

- Tyree

My granddaughter and I were living in an apartment… rent was over $900/month and feasibly, the amount was just too much for me to handle. I know that this home will be a building block for my granddaughter’s success.”

- April

Yabby struggled living in an apartment because there was nowhere for her to play outside. Our new home allows her to run around outside and play. She also attends a school now that offers speech and occupational therapy.


Once my home was blessed, I made more plans to enhance myself and the world around me. I’ve joined my neighborhood’s association, Kentuckians for The Commonwealth and was asked to sit on the Board for The Smoketown Family Wellness Center, where I still hold a seat 5 years in.

- Ellen

When ordinary people come together, extraordinary things happen.

Join us in our mission.

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