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Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville ReStore

ReStore Assistant Store Manager

The ReStore Assistant Manager will report directly to the Store. This is a fulltime position with great benefits including 401K match, vacation time, sick leave and health, dental and vision insurance. The ReStore Assistant Manager will manage a growing staff of employees and is responsible for helping with the day-to-day operations of the retail store. The Assistant Manager will be responsible for opening or closing the store daily.


Procedural Tasks

  • Lead the staff and volunteers by example
  • Provide positive reinforcement for staff and volunteers for jobs well done
  • Provide training, supervision, and evaluation of store personnel, including  cashiers, donor ambassadors, and volunteers
  • Coordinate the delivery of customer service including addressing customers’ questions and concerns
  • Building and maintaining relationships with the public in a way befitting the reputation of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville
  • Provide conflict resolution when needed
  • Work with the Donor Relations Team to determine the acceptability of items offered for donation
  • Develop and practice effective management skills needed to motivate a work force


  • Experience scheduling and managing is preferable.
  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED.
  • Must have a sincere, friendly manner and willingness to help customers in order to develop positive relationships.
  • Must have competent skills in merchandising and customer service.
  • Retail management experience preferred.

To Apply For this Job: Send a letter of interest and resume to

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